Friday, June 7, 2013

The PAP Way

PAP will never change the way it governs.  After shoving 6.9 million population down our throat, now they are forcing us to swallow another poison pill - MDA regulation of news sites which basically covers everything under the sun.

Recently they have learnt to wayang more by bull shitting talking more (though not necessary listening) via the National CONjob CONversation which is mainly a brain washing tool they hope to get citizens to accept their ill conceived policies full of pot holes.

Now we have ministers appearing on TV program ever so often talking cock  in circles. Just this week, we have Minister Tan from Ministry of Manpower taking center stage to justify the necessity of MDA new regulations on behalf of MDA. It is such a piece of shitty regulation that they rather put a smooth talker on the program than those folks from MDA.  The outcome is pathetic as all the minister did was beat around the bush and kept repeating himself throughout the program.

A piece of shit is a piece of shit. Even a smooth talker cannot turn it around. Citizens can smell the stink miles away and no amount of perfume can cover it. The only clear statement we get out of the program is that PAP is telling us - like it or not, the regulation will remain as it is and we have to just accept it. Not surprising as that is the PAP despicable way.

When there is adverse reaction to their policy, they will say on hindsight they should have done a better job communicating it. It is so with the population toilet white paper, and it happened again with the recently MDA news sites regulation. Will they ever learn ? Apparently no, as they are so high handed and arrogant that doing the wayang is good enough for them.  They see no real need for citizens consultation. They will never admit it is the policy and not the communication which is the crux of the problem.

The day will come when we will have our way and get PAP out of our way. Do not let them walk all over us time and again. More than 4 decades of suffering from democracy malnutrition is more than we can stomach.

Be at Hong Lim Park this Sat, 8 Jun at 4 pm to support FreeMyInternet.

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