Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Say NO to 6.9 million !

To me even if the 6.9 million comprises of all S'porean - it is still a big NO.  We are not sardines to be canned by PAP. It is even more upsetting when PAP is still using the same old flaw policy of importing immigrants to pop up the economy and GDP.

For the 1st time, my whole family is joining me at Hong Lim Park this Sat, 16 Feb at 4pm to stand up for our rights to reject PAP 6.9 million target projection. I did not even ask them but found out my brother's family including his 12 years old son will be going too. Then my mum's god daughter in her 20s told me she will be there with her boy friend. My mum in her 80s is interested in going but not sure if I should let her as the crowd may be large.

S'poreans from all ages and walks of lives are truly upset now. There is a lot of pent up frustration after years of being force to swallow indigestible 'garbage' PAP's policies.  PAP in their ivory tower has lost touch with reality and will never understand ground sentiment and are blind to the mess they have created. They are no longer fit to govern us.

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