Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Suffering from PAP fatigue

We the citizens are suffering from PAP fatigue. What with their hypocrisy and antics - it is very tiring to hear PM and his heavy weigh ministers making lies after lies speeches after speeches trying to get us to buy into their  'projected' 6.9 million population in 2030.

1st - they delay the population white lies paper announcement which is supposed to be end of 2012, to run Pungol East by-election. Likely they would have suffered a great margin loss if the population target was announced before the by-election.

Then during their by-election campaign, they announced many policies adjustments which give the impression they are listening to the ground and getting serious about doing more damage control over their flaw policies. Now we realized that all these adjustments are in preparation for the population explosion ! How devious they are! Lucky Pungol East residents did not fall into their trap and voted for WP instead.

They are still playing catch-up to transport infrastructure and housing needs which they neglected over the years, while importing tons of people into S'pore.  Now, they want to over load the island again and repeat the vicious cycle !

Their initial  'target' now become 'projection'. Playing with words again !

PAP has always been very calculative over money and focus on profit ! So will they over build ? More likely they will overload to maximize profit instead. We have already seen it happening these years. Are they so self delude and naive to think we will believe them ?

Besides, don't they realize that their words don't gel ? How can they expect us to associate overpopulation with better quality of living ? Have they forgotten that they are the ones who said during the 'Stop at 2' campaign years back that overpopulation would affect quality of life ? After getting the country into trouble with fertility rate dropping over the years, now they do a complete U-turn !

Teo CH offers a pathetic rebuttal to citizens questioning who are they protecting by serving in the army. He said that we are defending our family.  Hello - we already know that. But if our guests stay in our house for years and when our house is under attack, we have to  protect both our family and the guests. This is an extra burden for us.  Then when our guests take off to another country when time is bad, inspite of them telling us they are part of our family in good time - it only add salt to the wound. This joker Teo CH just don't get it.

Basically, PAP has lost the trust of the public. Their words sound so hollow and empty.

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