Wednesday, February 13, 2013

MRT on fire

Seems like there is no end in sight to our MRT transport woes. Train service was disrupted this morning as the cable caught fire at Newton station. The disruption affected the North-South line during the rush hours.

Now their excuse is the frequent rain recently has resulted in water seepage into the tunnel and affected the cables. Truth be told more likely to be another oversight and sub standard cable was used in the project.

They said water seepage is unavoidable. If that is the case, should not they use better quality cable ?  In fact they should stop so much digging underground since water seepage is a 'sure' thing according to them. 

We are tired of the perpetual digging, demolishing and construction work day in day out for years. One can hardly recognised places we are familiar with growing up and the skyline has changed so much.

Still want to build for 6.9 million population when the infrastructure is not even up to mark to support the current 5.3 million.  It is getting worst as now it is not just inefficiency, but safety is involved.

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