Monday, November 19, 2012

The Casino Wayang continues.....

All the talk in parliament about more target measures to rein in casino visits by locals - sigh - the wayang has to continue.

It is only about 2 years since the 2 casinos started operation and we are already faced with mounting issues of  problem gamblers.When they want to approve of something, they focus on the positives and side step the negatives. Build the casinos first and then put on the wayang show.

It is not as if they do not know the negative social impact. It is a conscious decision by PAP. So they have planted not 1,  but 2 tickling time bombs amongst the citizens knowingly.

It becomes more unbearable when they talked about the consideration to  renew the casino licences in 2015 based on the benefit vs social cost. Of course they WILL, NO DOUBT about it, whatever the findings turn out to be!  We know statistic is malleable. PAP is never open nor transparent with regards to raw data. So only they will  interpret the data and then paint to us a beautiful picture at the end of the day.

All the hypocrisy is disgusting. They will never shut down the casinos by not renewing the gambling licences.

They will not defuse the time bomb, as they lack the courage to go near it. Their lives are too precious. They would rather let it explode amongst the citizens and later make a big loud fuss of cleaning up the mess. Then they will do plenty of self praise to take credit for the clean up. This is the PAP way. We have seen how they work after all these years. Sigh !

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