Monday, November 19, 2012

Money Funds advertisement

JP Morgan Asset Management has taken up advertising space in the MRT trains. Their advertisement boosts of 4.1 to 8 % yield for their money funds. Sound so credible with the point 1 decimal place and a yield table stating the return.

But beware there is a plain strip below the attractive poster with tiny prints clarifying the yield percentage. In other words, those numbers stated are just  'ideal' figures, which means it is unlikely you will get such attractive return. All these financial institutions are still up to their old tricks without bending the law as there are always loop holes in the law.

With the current interest rate so miserably low for saving and even fixed deposit, those conservative investors may end up being the target for JP Morgan.

Note : With the train moving and folks seat below the advertising poster, it is impossible to get close up to read the tiny prints. So putting them there is to protect JP Morgan interest, BUT does not clarify anything for the public since they can't even read it.

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