Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Creative Advertising

Nippon Paint latest advertisement links their colour scheme to the Chinese horoscopes. So they have various auspicious colour for each of the 12 animals in the horoscope. But will one repaint his/her home just because the existing colour scheme does not match one's horoscope?

Many of the colours offer are of  'modern'  hue. Doubt such colours even existed in ancient China when such stuff were first written in the horoscope. Wonder if Nippon 'invented' them for advertising purposes.

Osim has a series of advertisements line up for this Christmas. The series has a heart warming story line base on love. So we have the husband and wife story, where the guy gets his wife a massage chair for Christmas, making her grin from ear to ear.

Then we have the lover theme, where the girl gives her boy friend a leg massage equipment. The 3rd one revolves around a grandpa and his grand daughter. It shows the girl growing up and gets her grandpa a neck massage equipment for Christmas.

The advertisement series has pleasant background music with nice lyrics. Then the short 'punch' lines to convince consumers to buy the item for their loved ones.  Good sale pitch.

Just an observation :

- Man buys the most expensive item for his wife - a chair costing more than $6K.

- Girl  friend gets the legs massage unit costing a few hundreds dollars.

- Granddaughter only buys the low end range of OSIM product, costing hundred plus.

So the advertisement even cater to the earning power of various group. Wonder why can't the wife gets the husband the chair, while the boy friend gets his girl the legs massage ? Gender stereotype with regards to earning power ?

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