Monday, November 19, 2012

Semakau Landfill

Semakau island which is currently our landfill site for refuse is a scenic place. Yes - scenic is the word to describe it, though of course it is 'man-made'.  As with most 'nature' sites in S'pore - they are normally artificial.  Nature Society often conducts bird watching and intertidal walks there, so do other organisations.

Our daily tons of refuse are incinerated and remains are used for landfill. This is our only waste disposal site. The sea between Semakau and the adjacent smaller island is used for landfill. It is divided into cells. These cells are filling up fast. We are now left with the last 2 remaining cells. Looks like S'pore conservation effort is not successful as we are churning out more refuse than ever.

It is just like the keep S'pore clean thingy. After decades, we are still as dirty as ever, if not for the hard work of the swarm of cleaners employed to sweep and sweep and sweep.

This is one adverse environmental impact due to our current over population which is hardly mentioned. Most of the time the feedback centered on the lack of supporting healthcare and transport infrastructure. Running out of space to dispose of our waste is a serious problem.

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