Friday, November 2, 2012

Propaganda Leaflets at Community Center

There are plenty of so call 'information' leaflets at all the Community Centers, which are under People Association. We know for a fact that it is not neutral but takes direction from PAP, though it is NOT suppose to be a political organisation. What to do, when we have one political party dominating the scene for decades, they have control over every aspect of our public sphere.

These leaflets are mostly propaganda in nature, trying to sell PAP's policies to us. There is this one on 'Our Population, Our Future' - with lots of nice sounding slogans such as "Creating Our Future Together".  We know that there is no such thing as together, but rather the way PAP wants it. So the leaflet informs us that the govt is reviewing our population policies and would like to hear our views. We are currently have a 'National Conversation', which is more like a one way street. Despite the loud and clear feedback from the ground that S'pore is getting unbearably crowded, PM just said that 6 million plus should be no problem ! Is he hearing us ? It only confirms that they have been stone deaf for years but pretending to listen. Sigh !

The leaflet also claimed that middle income household with 2 children can 'enjoy' $142K from baby bonus, leave, tax and subsidies. The work leave component alone accounst for 83K. So much saving - REALLY ?  A local blogger, has just said that "Having children is a bad economic proposition" in S'pore as the cost could be from 500K to a million just to bring up a child. PAP being an extractive govt, is never generous to the citizens. Even their past policies to encourage childbirth over the decade have been met with failure as they were all half hearted effort due to their stinginess. They have overpaid themselves so excessively that they lost touch with ground reality. They can never understand the hardship face by middle income to make ends meet just raising a child and supporting aging parents.

Then it tells us about old-age support ratio. What contradiction - as they have pictures showing seniors working. We are suppose to work till 65 and beyond. We are force to have Minimum sum in our CPF account for retirement, besides Medisave, Medishield and Eldershield. Recently they have force all CPF members to buy into their CPF Life which is an annunity plan with miserable payout. All these compulsory force saving and insurances which they keep telling us will see us through old age - are they another con job by PAP, to retain as much money in CPF as possible, which we have no control over ?  If not, why keep 'frightening' our young that they have so many old people to support ?

Basically these useless leaflets tell us what we already know for years like falling birthrate, aging population, under capacity transport infrastructure etc. They are stating the obvious without providing concrete solutions, but trying to psycho us that they are doing something about them. Hello - we know all these teething problems because they are with us for years! Their policies of patching pot holes are NOT getting to the root cause of the problems. These problems will be with us as long as PAP is in power. They are more interested in their political party preservation than citizens' well being.

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