Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"We must accept"

Now the popular overused phrase by those MIW block heads is "We must accept".

Think it started with LKY who told us we must accept flood as it is part of global climate change and no amount of engineering can help. But now we are pumping in millions into engineering solution to resolve it. So engineering does help after all.

Climate change is only part of the flood equation. The other factors are MIW's failings. They knew it and as usual will never admit it openly.  When they run out of excuses, now they tell us TO ACCEPT IT ! In other words, they are telling us to shut up and just accept the mess they have created.

Why should we accept their messy shortsighted policies ? Just because they have done some right things in the past, it does not accord them the privilege to mess up the future of S'pore and expect us to "accept it".

I was at SIM annual convention over the weekend. One of the speaker, a Sn Parliamentary Secretary turned out to be one of those typical block heads with no substance. Either he could not grasp the question from the floor or could not provide an intelligent answer. So he used the phase "We must accept it" when a question related to the large influx of foreign workers was asked of him.

Sigh, if this is the type of so call 'high caliber' folks we have administrating the country, - we are doomed !

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