Monday, October 8, 2012

Can Asia Beats Corruption ?

CNA is currently running a program on "Bridging Asia".  Last week, they had some' thinkers' debating on the topic 'Can Asia Beats Corruption ?'  The votes from viewers are a resounding NO.

In fact, one of the female judges, sum it up much better than the debaters as she highlighted that corruption comes in many forms and it is impossible to be truly rid of it.

A good example is 'squeaky' clean S'pore. We have been bombarded with a number of corruption cases recently involving high ranking officers in various govt. organisations.

These are cases infringing the law, but then we have so many 'untouchable' cases involving 'legalised corruption' which will not surface since they do not infringe the law, which has been change to accommodate them.  So many examples come to mind. Just to name a few ....Electorate dept under the PM, redrawing of electorate boundaries at every election to give MIW an edge, our infamous GRC concept....etc, etc ..sigh.

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