Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Peg Ministers pay/bonus to Citizens' Quality of Life

If our PM and ministers really care for the citizens, they should be pegging their pay and bonus to things that affect our quality of life. More telling indicators to show they are doing a good job are inflation rate, health care and housing cost,...etc.  For example for every percentage increase in inflation rate, their pay and bonus should be reduce by double the percentage. This will help to ensure they would work for their current excessive pay and obscene bonus.

We have an over bloated cabinet with members having so much time that they take up numerous directorships in various private companies to fatten their pocket even more. This is regardless of conflict of interest and doubt if they will be doing due diligent work as directors in these companies. Likely they attend meeting to warm the seat only.

Our PM and his gangs have been saying like a broken recorder that we need foreign talents as we don't produce enough. Surely this is a sign they have failed us badly in our education policies. They love to point their fingers at the citizens when things don't work out.  The only way to make them ponder over their policies that went off tangent is to hit their pocket, since they are already blinded by greed and power.

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