Sunday, October 7, 2012

SIM Annual Convention

One of the outstanding talks at this year SIM convention is by Ms Yen Tan,, COO of Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. She was involved in the restructuring of Alexandra Hospital. She is a passionate speaker whose love for her job came through clearly in her speech. Her talk was on "Transformation : Lesson from S'pore Last Restructured Hospital".

She has a simple rule which helps to promote caring and patient centric service. Always tell oneself :
- If not me, who ?
- If not now, when ?

She believes in leading by example and going out of the way to ensure patients' comfort. She inspires !

Another outstanding speaker is Ms Jessica Tan, MD of Microsoft S'pore. She is sharp and could grasp questions from the floor and answer them clearly. What a great contrast to the Sn Parliamentary Secretary which I blogged about in my previous post. We can see a distinct contrast of those who spend most of their life in the private sector and those who are from the govt public sector. After years in govt sector, they become parrots of their master, only able to repeat what their master dishes out to them. It is a pity SIM selected such block head to give the opening speech. High 'ranking' govt official does not equate to intelligent speaker.

Then there was  Mr Richard Eu, CEO of Eu Yan Sang who gave a interesting history of how his great great grand father started the company. Mr Eu is the 4th generation who successfully modernized and re-branded the company. Mr Eu's family business was at its peak during the 2nd generation. They owned tin mine, rubber plantation, bank, remittance firm....beside dealing with TCM which his great great grandpa started.

However, the business tide turned turning the 3rd generation, when all the businesses were sold off, including Eu Yan Sang Chinese medicine business. This was due to the inheritance being divided amongst the 13 children of Mr Eu great grandfather.

Mr Richard Eu together with 3 of his cousins bought back the medical business and the rest is history.

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