Thursday, October 18, 2012

Spawning of Money Lenders/Pawn Shops

There is a noticeable increase in the number of Money Lenders / Pawn Shops  in all HDB heartlands. Some traditional pawn shops have taken to 'upgrading' their image to those 'trendy' money lenders, which called themselves 'financial companies'. They have learned to use our Govt deceptive strategy of calling our 2 casinos - 'Integrated Resorts' to disassociate from the negative gambling den image.

These Money Lenders also have 'deceptive' shop front that looks like those jewellery and time pieces shop with nice layout and display showcases. Only their shop name reveal the business they are in. We have Maxi-Cash, CashMax, MoneyMax....etc.
MRT interchange has become the hot spot for these Money Lenders.  There are 2 of them at Pasir Ris Interchange and the 3rd at White Sand Shopping Mall just beside the interchange.

There are also 2 money lenders at  Tampines MRT interchange and another 3 pawn shops at the bus interchange. These 5 'financial companies' are all within 1 to 3 minutes walking distance from each other.

When there are so many of them so close to each other - it is an indication business is GOOD and demand is STRONG.  

So 'thanks' to the govt policy of using 2 casinos to help boost GDP,  money lenders are having a field time.

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