Monday, April 18, 2011

PM's nonsense

When PM uses so many strong words – we know something is fishy... " honestly report that the PAP has lived up to its responsibilities.. We don't give ourselves our own report card,..I would say: 'We've passed the exam'."

Sorry PM, we disagree with you. PAP has failed miserably for not living up to your responsibility towards us. You have been giving good grades to your own report cards all along. Such an act is dishonest. We do NOT have confident in PAP since you have failed us time and again. We do NOT trust a party that operates without transparency and accountability.

As for the Lift Upgrading Programme – it is the result of short sightedness in past planning that failed to cater to the aging population. You are covering up for past mistake. We the citizens have to bear part of the cost and suffer years of dust, noise and inconveniences.

You have been claiming that we have the best education systems in the world for years. You still need to do more? So what you said in the past is untrue? If we have such great education system, why are you unable to find talent for your team? Why is our youth politically apathetical?

PAP will not have our mandate this coming election as you have failed in your responsibility towards us.

What is the point of taking care of our national reserves when folks are suffering? Besides, is it not more prudent to instruct Temasek and GIG to stop taking high risk and gamble away billions of pubic money?

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