Sunday, April 17, 2011


I refer to Lee Hwai Jiin letter to The Straits Times's Forum on 16 Apr 2011.

Ms Lee argued that NCMPs do not have voting right because they do not represent the electorate since they did not win the majority of votes in their ward during the election.

She has apparently missed the point Workers Party is trying to get across, which is to have opposition MP in parliament instead of NCMPs. PAP is trying to tell us that NCMP is a good alternative to opposition MP. It is not, and therefore flaw.

NCMP is an unfair system PAP introduced to entice those who are 'sitting on the fence' to vote for them, giving voters the wrong impression that NCMPs could represent them. Thus Workers Party is NOT asking for voting rights for NCMP which Ms Lee misinterpreted. Workers Party in fact wants PAP to abolish NCMP system.

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