Monday, April 18, 2011

PAP's Report Card

We have no idea how PAP comes up with 'good grade' for themselves. Common folks like us with common sense tell us that PAP has failed miserably in their 'exam'. We use realistic and honest grading system to judge their performance. For example :

1) What we see at ground level - elderly folks still working at hawker center cleaning tables and dirty dishes

2) PAP acknowledges that most S'poreans don't have enough for retirement, so we are advised to continue to work forever if we can. Our CPF policies promise heaven but deliver hell.

3) Our transport system cannot cater to the exploding population - it is not only overcrowded, it is becoming unsafe too.

If a governing party cannot even get some of the important basic policies right and implement them well, can they still claim to be doing a good job ? Are they 'A'team? What sort of party will make such claims? A dishonest party!

Why is our current govt behaving like greedy unethical Wall Street bankers? Paid themselves handsomely and still top up with obscene bonus. They are even entitle to pension scheme which they abolished for the civil services.

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