Saturday, April 23, 2011

Casino as S'pore Iconic Representation ?

Sydney has it Opera House as its icon. It projects culture and artistic refinement.

We are truly 'unique' as we have MBS as our icon ! What image does a casino projects ?

Granted that MBS stands out in its architectural design, but it cannot escape from its predominant image of a gambling casino.

The fancy name of Integrated Resort is coined to soften the casino's image and to make it more acceptable to build not one, but 2 casinos in our country with a tiny land mass.

If we the citizens find it perfectly acceptable to have a casino as our country's iconic representation, what does it says about our change in value system ?

I would rather have Botanic Garden being our icon, though it is 'outdated'. It projects a wholesome image. It is where families can immerse in nature and our children learn about conservation.

MBS is fast becoming our national icon is contribute by its strategic location granted by the govt. Sad indeed.

Besides, MBS totally block out our scenic coastal view. So we are left 'admiring' an man-made structure instead of beautiful sea view.

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