Sunday, April 17, 2011

Marina Bay Sands

It is disappointing that Marina Bay Sands is becoming an iconic representation of S'pore. The 1st time I heard of such sentiment was at a talk conducted at National Museum. The speaker (whose name I cannot recalled) is a local historical researcher. What he said hit a note in me. Yes, it is indeed sad that a casino becomes S'pore iconic structure.

In The Sunday Times (dd 17/4/11) Mr William Lim, a retired architect and urban theorist expressed the same sentiment. He would rather that Botanic Gardens be chosen as our iconic site.

The trouble is, our shortsighted govt has given a prime and prominent piece of land to build a casino on. It is the 1st thing one sees when approaching by sea. In fact, the Marina Bay Sands totally obstructed the beautiful scenic coastal view.

We are a SMALL city but we have 2 BIG casinos, one of which is becoming a iconic building. Which country or city in the world has a casino as iconic building ? Likely we are the only one. Uniquely S'pore indeed and nothing to be proud about.

PAP terrible decision not only ruined our coastal view but our country reputation as well ! S-i-g-h.....and they claimed to be 'A' team amongst the political parties in S'pore !

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