Wednesday, January 6, 2010

S'pore scene

"The person who killed someone in a hit and run went away scot free, but jail someone who distribute flyers."

The above is an extract from a comment in The Online Citizen (TOC).

It refers to Ms Chee Siok Chin serving her one-week jail sentence recently for distributing flyers without a permit. She is one unlucky soul to end up in hot soup, since there are many other folks distributing flyers at the various MRT stations and Bus interchanges without getting into trouble. What to do, if you are in a politic party, things become extra 'sensitive'.

The scot free incident refers to the hit and run case involving a Romanian embassy car dashing through 2 traffic junctions. One of his victims died, while the other two were injured. As it is an embassy car, the person involved is under diplomatic immunity and above the law.

Sigh ...seems like justice cannot be fair whenever it is mix with politics.

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