Friday, January 29, 2010

Is this taking it too far ?

It was reported in the papers that MacDonald initially omitted the pig from its line-up of Chinese zodiac toys, to be 'sensitive' to the local Muslim community. It is precisely this sort of sensitivity we should avoid. If view from another perspective, it is disrespect to the Chinese culture. Patronise one group at the expense of the other ? Is this really sensitivity ?

Understanding and accepting each other culture and religion even though we do not subscribe to it is the key to harmony. Having our own faith and yet not be easily offended by others just because we have different religious and / or cultural practices.

Being over sensitive will only lead to trouble. Look no further than what our neighbour, Malaysia is going through now - the burning of places of worship as a result of religious sensitivity.

Often being sensitive means avoiding or not talking about it. How can we gain a better understanding of each other if we do not dare to even discuss it ?

Perhaps it is time to do away with all these hype of being sensitive and tolerant. We need to have more open discussion for true understanding and acceptance to take place.

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