Saturday, January 30, 2010

Retracement & Thinking Out of The Box

Glad to read that SM Goh C T and MM Lee both said that the influx of foreign workers would slow down in the coming years. At last they recognised that are flaws in the liberal policies which brought with it social plus employment issues for locals. Besides, due the high influx of cheap labour, the productivity rate has been on the decline in recent years.

Looks like it is another 'retracement' exercise. Hope this U-turn is done in time before irreparable damage is done, like the population policy which lead to current problems of high influx of foreign works and aging population.

As for population control policy which resulted in the present dilemma of low population replacement rate, it is time that the government recognise that their existing policies do not work. Some of them don't even make sense like encouraging foreign talent to take up citizenship by letting them bring along their parents. How to solve aging population issue when one new citizen brings along 2 aged parents, who likely are in retirement phase and not contributing to the economy ?

PM Lee is still going on and go about giving birth to more babies. Just think out of the box and the issue could be solve. Encourage adoption of children from other countries. Giving orphan and abandon kids a home and integrate them into local community from young. This is far easier than trying to get adult immigrants to blend in. It is more fruitful to relax that adoption rules rather than immigration policy.

Recognise family unit which falls outside 'conventional' definition. Allow these folks to adopt children or even go for artificial insemination to complete the family unit with young blood, which the government hungers for.

Allow singles to adopt children. Why not ? The reason given is children need a 'complete' family for health growth. Really ? So all those children brought up by single parents are all trouble kids ? Then we are in deep shit for there are alot of single parents out there because of widowhood or divorce.

In the early days, Ma Chye and Sam Sui women were known to adopt children and bring them up single handed,without churning out problem kids. I have personally know of such friends who are amongst the top students in class and fairing equally well in their adult lives.

These women opted for spinsterhood by choice. Ma Chye were female maid servants dressed in white blouse and black pants with plaited hair, our pioneer domestic helpers. Sam Sui women identify by their red head gear, were our pioneer construction workers. They were know for providing quality labour and their loyalty to their employers. They were a upright and hard working bunch.

Thus, it is more to the character of the parents and the care and love in which they bring up a child that matters.

The so call 'complete' family unit where the couple fight and quarrel is even more damaging to the emotional and physical health of the child.

So it is more of the 'conventional' view that is the hindering block of letting single folks to have children of their own.

Will our government think out of the box ? Unlikely since they are always giving the excuse S'poreans are not ready for any policy which they themselves are not in favour. It is they who is not ready for changes.

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