Wednesday, January 6, 2010

S'pore has Chameleon's Ability

Is S'pore a Developed or Developing country? I thought we have reached the status of a developed nation some years back, until I was confused recently by PM Lee's speech at the Convention on Climate Change held in Copenhagen. In his speech, we are part of the developing nations in Asia. It is to our advantage to be under this category since developed nations have to bear the heavier burden of financial support to developing nations to cut carbon emission.

Then in today press report, WHO has asked developed countries to donate 10% of their H1N1 vaccines purchased. S'pore is doing her part since our Health Ministry over projected the vaccines needed and has excess stock. So now we have join the rank of developed countries. It is only about one month time lapsed after PM Lee's speech in Copenhagen and we have advance to the status of developed nation!

Look like our status is pretty much dependent on the situation. We have the ability just like the chameleon to change colour to suit the environment!

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