Wednesday, January 27, 2010

CPF Board needs to pull up its socks

No wonder our formal PM Mr Goh C T said recently that our productivity is very low. My experience with CPF Board recently is a classical example of unproductivity resulting in poor customer service.

I went down to CPF board personally with my mother today to enquire about CPF Life scheme since she received a letter about it. We were at the CPF Life queue. When the counter staff cannot answer my question regarding private annuity, he referred me to his colleague. This person called another staff to help me. So I explained my situation for the 3rd time to this staff. This 3rd person told me another dept is in charge and asked me to queue up at another counter.

Is this productivity ? Being refer to one staff after another ? Should not CPF staff be cross train and understand CPF policies in depth ? What sort of customer service is CPF board providing ?

To the public, the 2 issues regarding Retirement and CPF Life are linked. However CPF board is not aware of public sentiment. They have separate departments to answer specific questions which members of public find difficulty separating the 2 issues. We are cross refer to different departments when looking for answer to our question.

Be it by phone, email or face to face enquiries, productivity and good customer service is being able to handle public enquiries without pushing them from one staff to another. If CPF staff is not well verse with its own policies, it only means CPF policies are getting so cumbersome over the years that even its own staff have difficulty comprehending them.

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