Friday, August 9, 2013

On leadership

It is said that sage like Lao Zi And Zhuang Zi endorsed 'invisible' leadership - that is leadership through facilitation.

Unfortunately, we the citizens in Singapore have never enjoyed such leadership under PAP governance for close to 5 decades. It is always force top down with plenty of interference and control into private lives of citizens (such as how many children we should have). We do not even have control over our finances as the govt locks up our saving in CPF and dictates when, what and how we use our money.

A quotation from "A Victor's Reflections" by Michael C Tang :

The worst is the one despised by the people
The third best is the one feared by the people
The second best is the one praised by the people
The best government does not make its presence felt.

The leadership we have today belongs to the 1st category - despised by citizens. Our ministers need to be paid handsomely for doing not much, in order not to be corrupt.  It used to be the 2nd category - feared by the people under our first PM.

Looks like they are getting from bad to worst in recent years.

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