Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Conjuring

This movie is hair rising scary.  I don't really like 'ghost movies' as most of them are silly and unbelievable. The current movie - The Conjuring which is based on a true story with good review and does not disappoint.

There are only 2 other supernatural movies that scare the hell out of me -  The Poitergeist and The Ring (original Japanese version) as they are more realist and involve things which we can identify with.

The Conjuring is about the Perron family of 7 moving into their new home in 1971. It was an old country house. The couple with their 5 daughters have it bad from the 1st day. Things spiral down and got worst after that. Their dog refused to enter the house and was left in the lawn. It was found dead the next day. Birds started to bang into window panels and dropped dead.

Mrs Perron found she had big patch of bruise on her and new bruises appeared everyday. Things got eerie at night. One of her daughters felt her legs being pulled while in bed. Another began to sleep walk. The youngest child started to communicate with a 'new' friend which only she could see.

Strange noise which started of as light tapping became loud pounding sound. These are the milder creepy incidents from film beginning. It got very frightening after that.  The mother was possess and wanted to kill her own children.

The tormented family sought the help of supernatural investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. Ed approached every case from a scientific point of view. He depends on his wife who has a special gift - ability to sense the supernatural, to let him know if the case involves evil spirit.

Try to catch it to get your heart pumping.

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