Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Inconsiderate Pet's Owners

Though most pet's owners pick up their doggie shit, but unfortunate many let their pet spray urine all over HDB void deck.  It is very common sight in HDB estate to  see pet dog going from column to column to leave their mark.  If children are not allowed to urine all over HDB void deck, what makes these pet's owners think their dog can do so.  Lack of common sense or plain laziness ? Most likely the latter.

If not for the fine under littering, these owners would not bother to pick up their doggie shit. I suppose they do not think urine is considered  as litter, but it could be under vandalism.  Even if their are unable to get their dog to discharge at grass area, they could at least bring a bottle of water to pour over the column in the void deck where their dog has urinated.

Then there is the problem of abandon cats in HDB estate. I was shocked to see around 9 kittens at one of the HDB block on Monday. They are new strays.  They are likely siblings from the same batch or two tabby cats under the same owner. They are about the same age (similar size), colours and got along well. Irresponsible owners do not sterilized their cats and when they end up with more kitties than they can handle, they abandon them where they know there are strays care givers.

As I am a strays care giver myself and it is a headache when the strays population increase. Complain bound to arise and the strays will be rounded off to be terminated. Then there is the problem of catching them for sterilization.

Many strays are territorial and this add to the problem of feeding  and drinking point. Besides it increases the chance of complaint since their are likely to have noisy fight.

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