Thursday, August 15, 2013

Work Schedule for PM

Some tongue in the cheek suggestions for our PM to get to know the REAL S'pore and learn the HARD truth on the ground by our bloggers.

Suggestion 1 - Work Schedule

Day 1. Drive a taxi to experience life as a taxi driver.
Day 2. Join the old folks to pick cardboard and clean tables in Chinatown.
Day 3. Try taking buses and MRT to work and home, to know our public transport system.
Day 4. Go to a polyclinic because of muscle aches from days 1 to 3 activities. That will take up the entire day.
Day 5. Go to Sengkang Square Kopitiam for breakfast. No need for body guards because there is nobody there.
Day 6. Sweep HDB flat corridoors and chit-chat with residents. Clear rubbish bins and sweep leaves. Salary : $20/day.
Day 7. Go to TTSH and get himself warded. Try applying for financial assistance. (Must have your extended family’s incomes on hand). It can be very boring in hospital. Do some past years’ PSLE papers

Suggestion 2 - Improvement to Work Schedule

Since PM has an occupied week and has no time to fix the opposition, he should learn more while at it.

Day 1. While driving a taxi, try to earn $280/day ($7000/month).
Day 3. Wake up early and tap out before 7:45am for a free ride in MRT.
Day 4. In the polyclinic, check how many foreign medical staff are there. Also test the doctor to see if he/she can speak dialect. (communication problem of our elderly when seeking medical attention)
Day 5. At Sengkang hawker center, check if there is mee siam mai hum.
Day 7. Find out how KBW is able to have a heart operation for $8 and let us know. At the same time see if nursing is low skill job as stated in the Population White Paper.

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