Monday, July 15, 2013

Cook A Pot Of Curry

The local comedy play Cook A Pot Of Curry by Wild Rice is very good. It is now running at LaSalle College of the Arts. Tickets are sold at Sistic.

The play is based on local news and issues that touch our S'poreans' hearts. They are spiced up with comedy.  There are even some familiar songs rewritten with funny lyrics (one of them by Mr Brown).

There is a dance based on the song Stand Up for S'pore.  The dance will have you laughing hard as it is so funny when they integrated dance movement from various countries.

The play started with the scene related to the conflict between an Indian family and their PRC neighbour with the mediator seated in between the 2 families. Sound familiar, right ?  Many of the comical issues will ring a bell with the audiences as they are recent events, like the Population White Paper, crowded trains.....etc.

Do not miss it as it is very good way to de-stress.

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