Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Stray dogs, cats, rabbits... being eaten

I read with disappointment the report that stray dogs are being eaten by foreign workers. I am not sure but I think this is the first time it is being reported 'officially' in the main stream media (MSM). This is nothing new as we care givers of strays have been suspecting it all along but lack proof.

The first time I encountered such issue was way back in the 1990s.  I was working in SingTel then, and at one of the telephone exchanges, the guard told me the stray rabbit was caught and eaten by the foreign workers.  There was a work site opposite the exchange.

I remembered this incident because I was very upset by it.  I used to look forward to any work in that exchange (I was not based there) as there were a stray cat and a rabbit that hang around the guard post. They were good friends as they licked and cleaned each other. It was a heart warming sight.  I had a cat and a rabbit a home, but unfortunately, they were not in the best of term.

Many of the strays care givers are wary whenever a construction site sprang up near our place. Since S'pore has become one big construction site in recent years, I suppose this problem the strays becoming a 'free' food source for foreign workers has become so common that it is picked up by MSM.

Not long after the MRT Downtown line construction site hit my area, a strays feeder told me that 2 of the cats she was feeding went missing one after another within weeks. She was very upset as she had been caring for them for a few years.  They were healthy and in their prime.  These 2 strays were friendly and approachable, which made them popular amongst residents, but also became their undoing.

Her block were the 2 strays hang around was just beside the construction site. 

Not sure if those foreign workers courses run by MOM touch on the topic that it is illegal to eat dogs, cats, rabbits.....etc in S'pore.  Their ignorance is certainly endangering our poor strays. Besides, it is not a bliss for them either.  They could be fined up to $10K and/or imprisoned under the law.  Paying $10K to put doggie, kitty or bunny meat into your mouth is very expensive indeed.  MOM, employers and employment agencies should ensure these workers are acquainted with local laws and customs.

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