Wednesday, July 18, 2012

STERILE Garden By The Bay

There has been a lot of publicity regarding the latest tourist attraction - Garden by the Bay. It is being promoted as a billion $ garden by S'pore Tourist Promotion Board (STPB), which itself attracted plenty of comments. Some think STPB and our government are so obsess with money that they use a money theme to promote the garden. Truly 'unique' way of garden advertising.

Do we need a billion $ artificial garden ? Well, obviously yes to our govt as they think it will bring in more money for them. The garden is just opposite the casino and is linked by an overhead bridge which span across the express way. Part of the garden is free. But the main attractions which consist of  2 conservatories and the sky bridge charge admission fee.  For a tourist visit all these 3 areas, it will set them back $33. So a family of 4 visiting S'pore it will cost them $132.

For locals, there is some discount. The govt has promised to 'care more' for the citizens after all the noises by locals that they feel like 2nd class citizens in recent years. So now they started this different rate of admission fee for tourist site. A local family of 4 will folk out less than $100 for the garden outing. Such outing to absorb in artificial nature certainly does not come cheap.

All the food eateries sited at the garden are costly. Likely half a day outing at the garden can easily set a family back $200. Better visit Botanic Garden instead. It is 100% more natural with birds, butterflies . ......aplenty.

Garden by the Bay is STERILE.  There are 2 giant metallic dragonflies at the 'lake' but no real dragonflies to be seen. There is some information board about frogs, but ..where are the frogs ? The 'lake' is devoid of life form - no fishes nor water birds, which one is used to seeing in Botanic Garden.

On rare occasion, there is some chipping sound of bird. But again no bird is sighted. Those common birds we have plenty here like the mynas and pigeons are also missing in action. Even the mosquitoes avoided the place. What a difference when one visit Botanic Garden - full of life.

Garden by the Bay - only humans are visible.

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