Saturday, June 16, 2012

Outcome of Stray not given treatment at SPCA

Met Mr O this morning. He told me that he brought the stray cat to a private clinic. The growth on the cat's face was removed surgically without x-ray, blood test...and all the bull shits SPCA vet told us.

Mr O has lost all trust and faith in SPCA. It is a pity that this incident due to one inconsiderate vet in SPCA marred its image and lost the support of a stray caregiver.

What upset me is the vet attitude and lies. Perhaps he does not wish to take on 'difficult' case. Or perhaps minor surgical procedure is not his area of expertise ? He could have referred the case to other vets in SPCA if he could not handle it himself. Instead he kept up his lame excuses for denying the stray treatment.

I need to confirm some facts. I was under the impression that those vets on rotation in SPCA do voluntary work. But Mr O told me they are paid.  What ever it is, it is another area of weakness in SPCA which needs improvement.

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