Friday, July 20, 2012

Raw Deal from CPF Medishield

We are taken for a ride again by the raw deal from Medishield. Govt claimed that the revised policy is to 'enhance' our healthcare coverage. Is it ? Our experience and common sense tell us it is another spin story.

As it is the existing deductible ($1000 to $1500)  is already so high that unless one is a cancer patient, terminal case....sigh- in really bad shape, we are bearing the full impact of the health care cost. Don't ever think of making a insurance claim even though we have been paying the Medishit ...I mean Medishield premium for decades.

Now they not only raised the yearly premium by 27% to 51% (depending on age group), they are also increasing the deductible by $500 for both Class C and Class B patients, which translate to 50% and 33% respectively. In other words, the lower income in ends up paying more. Does this make sense ?

But the disturbing issue is they can do all these without public consultation. We are the insured clients. No private insurance companies will do such thing to their clients, as it is illegal. If they offer enhance healthcare coverage, the clients have the option to opt in and pay the higher premium.

CPF Medishield run by the govt can shift every single 'goal posts' in our policy contract without battering an eye.  All this bull dozing, is this not abuse of power ?

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