Wednesday, July 18, 2012

MRT right to the door step of the casino entrance

One of the exits of Bayfront MRT station leads directly to the entrance of Marina Bay Casino. No wonder problem gambling (which govt term as 'gaming') is getting worst amongst local residents. After all MRT penetrated most,  if not all the HDB heartlands of Singapore. Our govt has made is so convenient to visit the casino which they call 'integrated resort'.

So who is to blame by making such visit seems so harmless and so convenient ?

Not long after the 'integrated resorts' started operation, they provided free transport at a few more populated HDB heartlands so the public can visit the 'resorts'. There was some feedback against such convenient provision which could encourage residents to visit the casinos ...- I meant resorts. So the govt acted and said it is against the law set up to govern the casinos and that the operators should not promote gambling via free transport.

Isn't even more convenient now with the operation of Bayfront station that the exit leads right to the entrance of the casino ? What an irony !

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