Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Stray Not Given Treatment At SPCA

This post is partial extract from an email I wrote to SPCA regarding a trying to get treatment for a stray cat.
We are an informal small group of stray cats caregiver. On 21/5/12, Mr O bought a stray cat to SPCA clinic at Mt Vernon for treatment as per prior appointment. It has a growth on its face near its mouth and has problem eating.

The cat was not given any treatment and the vet on duty asked Mr O to bring it to a private clinic. According to Mr O, the vet knew him as Mr O is one of his clients in his private vet practice. Likely the vet thought the stray is Mr O’s pet and denied it treatment. This stray is very fat which could have contributed to it being mistaken as a pet. But the stray has clipped ear.

This stray has been hanging around the eateries in housing estate before making the Muslim eatery its regular hangout site, as the Malay community is more tolerant of cat in general. Being fed by many kind hearted souls may have caused its obesity. This could be easily verified by checking with the stall holders at the Muslim eatery.

The cat’s growth is getting larger by the day. SPCA clinic is set up to help strays and encourage strays caregiver to do more than just feed them. We used to be just feeder and this is our first attempt to do more to improve strays well being and it was very discouraging for us. Why deny the stray of treatment just because it is fat and does not look pathetic.

We are appealing to SPCA to review the case. If the condition is treatable, please help the stray. If it is not treatable, please advise if it should be put down.

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