Tuesday, June 12, 2012

SPCA vet making excuses

Stray not given treatment at SPCA Clinic

The reason SPCA vet on duty gave was that SPCA could
not treat cancerous growth. But it is an excuse as there is 
no way the vet could know. So I wrote another email to
appeal to them to help the stray. An extract : 

To my understanding, the vet told Mr O that in order to
confirm if it is cancerous growth, a tissue biopsy test is
needed. Hence,he asked Mr O to bring the cat to a private
It is therefore unlikely that the vet on duty is able to
tell from observation if it is a malignant cancer growth
without a biopsy test.
We do not expect a stray cat to receive such 'elaborate'
treatment such as biopsy test and prolong medical attention.
But can SPCA consider giving the stray a chance by removing
the growth surgically? The growth may be non cancerous.
Besides, even if it is cancerous, it could be a benign growth
which could be surgically removed and the stray would be back
to good health.
We plead on the stray behalf to let it have a chance to live.
Can SPCA vet just remove the growth ? 
NO LUCK - this time the excuse given by the vet is that in
order to cut off the growth, they need x-ray machine, blood
test...all of which SPCA cannot provide.
I could not comprehend this as they are able to perform
sterilisation on strays without all these machine and tests.
So I asked a vet in private practice. As expected, SPCA vet
is giving excuses after excuses as there is no need for
x-ray machine. For blood test, it is only done if the animal
is sick.
SPCA should audit their voluntary vets and review or implement
SOP to ensure well being of strays are not compromise due to
individual vet's decision.

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