Saturday, March 3, 2012

Social Conscience

Being silent is not an option in this age. There are folks who do not have any social conscience amongst us. They can be leaders of the country, producers of goods and even ordinary citizens.

If they don't live by their social conscience, then we need to apply social pressure on them by voicing disapproval. Just like the recent case where our national bowler ran over a mother dog - it is a hit and run, though he claimed later that he came back to help - bull shit. It is probably to get back his license plate which have fell off with the impact. He lied through his teeth and is exposed due to his inconsistent statements when interviewed.

There is adverse disapproval by many ordinary citizens and reported in the MSM. But the fact is there are many hit and run cases involving animals according to SPCA. They have never been given any attention until now. Thanks to this infamous bowler, now drivers will think twice about driving away after hitting an animal as they know they will incur the wrath of society.

If a person could hit a dog and not stop to check, likely he may do the same to a human. If one cares enough to render assistant even to an animal, likely he will do the same for a human.

We need to voice out - as it is a sense of justice and living by our conscience. Every little individual effort does matter in promoting a better society and environment.

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