Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Blind Trust & Tipping Point

During the recent anniversary of Japan's nuclear disaster, CNA has their Japanese correspondent in the news studio. One of her comments was that the Japanese citizens trust their govt. When the govt told them the nuclear plant is safe - they take their words for it.

This is the same in S'pore. S'poreans trust our govt which equates to PAP. So much so that our govt can get away with non transparency in their handling of public fund in CPF, national reserve, town councils, Temasek and GIC. This is the same with the data or rather non-data available on important issues. Neither do they take responsibility or help accountable for those ministers who mess up in public policies implementaton.

Blind Trust is dangerous. Once the tipping point is reach, the decline slide come fast. Just like our once upon a time reliable MRT service. The tipping point has been reached and now we hear of serious major breakdown ever so often.

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