Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Our Education System is NOT healthy

Heard over radio about some courses to teach parents Maths so that they can help their children prepare for PSLE. Revenue source for these creative tuition centers as they are expanding their target customers base.

So what are they teaching is school is not good enough to unable our students to prepare for their exam ? Even with tuition, parents still have to step in ? Wow - nowadays PSLE Maths is so difficult!

More 'unbelievable' news - parents are employing tutors to do their children's homework! Likely these children are so overburden with extra tuition and CCA that they can't cope. They need tutors to do their homework so that they have time to relax.

Should not the parents go to the source of their children woes ? Is it time management problem or they are overburden with too much extra tuition and CCAs? Homework is meant to help the students understand and revise their work. If they are not doing it, how can they improve ? If they are so good that they can do without homework, perhaps they do not need tuition in the first place.

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