Saturday, March 3, 2012

Uniquely Singapore

CPF = Central Ponzi Fund.

This is worst than ‘conventional’ ponzi scheme. As it is force contribution into CPF and CPF has the ‘legal’ power not to let us withdraw it.

MOM = Ministry of Morons.

They are in denial that their labour policies contributed to human trafficking. Foreign workers are cheated of by their agents (SG agents taking the bulk of the loot) and end up without work or working without pay. There are cases where females are tricked into prostitution upon arriving here.

MOH = Ministry of Hell

Our hospital wards are full,even with the latest new hospital (being build after more than 10 years even though our population has more the double and S'pore is being promoted as a medical hub to neighbouring countries). Patients who are 'lucky' to be admitted would find themselves sleeping along corridors which are used as temporary wards. Medical fee is so high. Those with chronic illness and need regular check up in polyclinics have to folk out admin fee for using their own medisave fund. Subsided medicine end up more expensive than when one get from private pharmacy. They jack up the medical cost involving everything (consultation, test and medication) and then give it a 'discount'. Then it is loudly proclaimed that medical cost is ‘subsidized’ by the govt.

PR = Protected Residents

They are foreign ‘talent’ and entitled special ‘protection’ which are part of the many benefits over local citizens. They contribute to our GDP growth which our PM and his cabinet of ministers' bonuses are tag to.

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