Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Haze will be around as our Minister is not acting

George Yeo is in fact saying ...I am NOT going to do anything about it.

Is this the way our Minister address the its citizen concerns ?

If after so many years, the haze problem still exist - common sense have it that you change strategy to address it.

Funds have been wasted in helping Indonesia with her problem and all the ineffective high level talks year after year - basically, they don't work.

Time to wake up and do something more constructive and stop hoping that being a good neighbour will solve the problem.

The fact is S'pore did NOT try hard enough. There should be NO limit what we can do for the health of our citizens and for the good of the environment.

The problem is our minister is so negative that he sets a limit to what he can do ! No wonder the haze problem is still around.

By all means, have the guts and take up the leadership to band ASEAN countries together to take international action against Indonesian.

I am sure even ordinary Indonesian citizens will be grateful for it as they are suffering more than us. Only the few rich plantation owners will not welcome the move.

Looks like it only takes a few rich powerful people to stop govt from doing what it right and good for its people. Sigh .....

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