Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lesson from the humble strays

In my previous post, I was saying that we can learn a lesson on living in harmony from the stray cats.

There is also a lesson on assertiveness vs aggressiveness which strays displayed.

From my observation, tabby cats are assertive which don't get them into trouble. Tom cats are aggressive, which get them into trouble.

Due to the increasing number of abandon cats around the area, tabby cats have been observed to be territorial. This assertive behaviour is for survival as food is hard to come by.

Tabby cat will emit warning sound and at time charge at another cat coming into her territory, but she does not go into a fight. Whereas a tom cat will fight it out and continue to give chase even when the other cat retreats. Sigh - they end up with serious wounds and battle scars.

It is sad to note that most abandon cats are the old, unsterilized tom cats. These pet owners are heartless and irresponsible as these unsterilized toms will create more problem by increasing the strays population. These folks reflect the ugly side of humanity.

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