Sunday, February 7, 2010

What Aspiration !

PM Lee S L is parroting his father, MM Lee, saying that our pledge is not a pledge, but just an aspiration.

Why - because it has yet to become a reality. Forty over years and we are still not an united nation ? Then there must be something really wrong with us !

Perhaps it is the government policy which has lead us to this pathetic situation. For I do believe that at some point, we did 'attain' what is mentioned in our national pledge, or very close to achieving it - of being one united nation regardless of race, language or religion.

Then the high influx of foreign workers and liberal citizenship policies diluted everything.

I consider myself 1st a S'pore and 2nd a Chinese. For the nephews and nieces, some of them can't even speak dialect, thus their Chinese root is even weaker. They are already true breed Singaporean.

It is only during my grandparents time, where they were migrants from China, their hearts were with their motherland. For my parents, they were born locally, but they still harbour sentiment for their parents' motherland. Perhaps due to parental influence.

Thus, those that have taken up S'pore citizenship in recent years, it would likely take another 3 generations before their descendants will be true breed S'porean.

So in all probability, S'pore national pledge will forever be an unachievable aspiration if we continue with this path of nation building.

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