Thursday, February 11, 2010

Superiority Complex

Another church pastor is in trouble for passing insensitive comments about other religions. This is not the first time and unlikely it will ever be the last..sigh ! Just last year, another church group tried to take over a NGO group, AWARE and their pastor too passed lots of comments about those who do not subscribe their faith and 'conventional' lifestyle which they term 'pro-family' define in very narrow terms.

Why are some religious groups more prone to trivializing others ? I think it is due to their religion superiority complex which they suffer from. It is a fact that some religious teachings are more accommodating than others. But at the heart of all religions, there are many common grounds. It is a pity that some religious leaders / groups do not focus on these common spheres, but choose to highlight the differences instead.

Are these differences that important ? Yes, if it is to differentiate one religion group from the rest. No, if we focus on humanity, harmony and goodness of human nature - these are basis of common ground for most religions.

I marvel at the wonder of Nature. We have different names to it. To some - God, to others - Gods, and to some- Nature.

What is the point of one party trying to 'prove' the other wrong ? There will never be an end to it. Theory is forever being proved and later refine when new information is gain with technological advancement.

Since some religion books / teachings are to be taken as 'gospel truth', does it mean they are the truth since they are unchanging ? Does this mean science is misleading just because it is forever changing, as it is open and 'dare' to acknowledge new findings?

But then every religion has its own 'truth'. Who are we to say who is right ?

Better to find common ground rather to argue over the creation theory,.....etc. Is it that important how many days the world is created ?

Seven days - that is understandable to those people living long time ago. How could they grasp the many zeros behind a number ? What happen if God tell them it is 7 light years, instead of 7 days ? They would not be able to understand. They would interpret it their own way and pass down via words of mouth. Then many hundreds of years later - recorded down as words of God. Translated, reinterpreted...etc .....

What I am trying to say is, human 'touches' are all over all religions books. Even a paragraph can be interpreted differently within the same religion by different religious leaders. Often we have self righteous fanatics who are full of hate in the name of God, using their holy book to prosecute others. Same book - some use it to promote peace, while others ...sigh !

If only we have more people like Mother/Saint Theresa, who find strength in her belief and faith to serve and help others, instead of creating disharmony amongst followers fo different faith.

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