Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nuclear Power for S'pore

Good heaven, may this never happen ! The government is exploring the possibility of nuclear power generation to provide for the energy demand of our country. There is no denial it is efficient but the radioactive waste generated needs many decades to decay.

Besides this potential environmental headache and danger, we are talking of having a deadly time bomb in this tiny red dot of an island which is densely populated. Even if it is build off shore, it is still too near to the mainland, as in the event of a disaster, the radius of affected zone could potentially spread even to our neighbouring countries.

It just take a single mistake to wipe out the whole island. We may even pollute our neighbours with dead radioactive particulars carry by the wind. The harmful effect is not limit to current generation, but we are talking about affecting the next generation as well. Can we afford to take such high risk and be so irresponsible socially ?

There are numerous past cases of nuclear disaster happening in plants which were 'supposing' safe. Only on hindsight, then they discovered human errors and non compliance which could undo any safety / security measures in place.

Japan known for her good safety record and management system also has blemish with an accident in her nuclear plant.

Even for simple system such as car design, Japan too got into trouble in recent days. One of its reputable car makers is in hot seat due to fatality resulting from faulty design problem in the car accelerator.

In S'pore we cannot even management a detention center for terrorist resulting in his escape. It is certainly unwise to venture in complicated dangerous territory of nuclear power.

Suggest we stick to harvesting solar power instead.

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