Friday, February 19, 2010

Cancerous Growth

It is reported in today papers that the church pastor who insulted other religions during his sermon has been guilty of gay bashing too. It is worrying that those in leadership position and having influence over large congregation is spreading intolerant and prejudice. They are using religion and the church as tools to perpetuate their personal views and biases.

It is precisely such cancerous growth of intolerant to others different from us that could lead to the deadly disease of fanaticism and terrorism.

He even uses the internet as a vehicle to spread his hate message far and wide. Unluckily for him, he only made a fool of himself. But there could be others like him who are sowing seeds of disharmony to their followers behind the protective closed doors of places of worship.

Religious leaders are still human, full of prejudice and biases. Followers should not remain passive and let these wolves in sheep clothing go unchallenged when they overstep their boundary when preaching.

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