Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hard Sell As Cover Up

All the hard sell by the government on the lift upgrading program is to cover up the short sightedness in public housing planning. This is nicely sum up by WP's Sylvia Lim's reply to the recent unfair treatment of estates under non-PAP governance.

' is to rectify a design flaw in public housing which does not cater for an ageing society. Given this imperative, the public interest should trump politics.'

To read the actual write up, go to this weblink :

Seems like our government is pretty good in 'covering' up mistake with new policy which is suppose to be good for us. Is it ?

The policy on 'Stop At Two' resulted in drastic decline in birth rate over the years. To rectify the suitation, we have the foreign talent and immigrants policies. Our target population growth is 6 million. Can our basis infrastructure support the escalating population growth ? For example buses and MRT trains are so crowded that they are now design for more standing space. Seats are reduced as they take up more area - and here we are talking about an aging population. Is this not an irony ?

Do those at the top know what is happening at ground level ? In recent years, the trains are crowded even during off peak hours. During weekdays, only those at the 1st station like Pasir Ris could have a seat. The train is already jam packed at the 2nd station, which is Tampines.

So looks like what the government want is quantity. Is not quality of life more important?

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