Saturday, October 31, 2009

Doctor And Specialist

This is a follow up post on my recent experience consulting a medical specialist. I heard from my friend and another colleague that they or their family member had similar experience.

They were told to do more medical tests and refer to other specialist for further medical examination. Are our doctors over 'concern' about our health or are they just 'playing safe' ?

My friend further medical examination by another specialist is still pending, while my colleague mum was wrong diagnosis inspite of all the checks. When his mum's condition did not improve, he consulted another specialist. He discovered to his horror and anger his mum has been given the wrong treatment due to the 'mis-diagnosis'.

Now our government is 'shortening' the path to medical degree by reducing the years required to qualify as a doctor. Wonder what will happen then - more check ups and probe by more specialists before the doctor can give us the correct diagnosis ?

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