Monday, September 21, 2009

World Animal Day on 4 Oct

4th Oct is World Animal Day. To quote Desmond Morris " If any culture has sympathy for its animal companions, then it has a chance to become sensitive and caring in all respects. "

If there is any truth in Morris's quotation, then perhaps there may be a correlation between :
- animal abuse - maid and spouse abuse ?
- abandonment of pets - abandoning aged parents in homes ?
- irresponsible pet ownership - not supporting aged parents financially ?

This could be interesting research stuff. Any taker ?

More than 10,000 animals are handed to SPCA each year. At least 90% of which are put to sleep. The data has not included those taken in by AVA (100% termination). Recently we read in the papers that a NGO care givers for animals have to look for adoptive home aboard for the abandon animals in their care, as adoptive home cannot be found locally to take them in. What does this say about us as a nation ?

Our government has been running Kindness movement and Courtesy campaigns for years. Why do we need constant reminder ? Is it not disheartening that we need to have a law to ensure that elderly parents are provided for and not ''abandon'' by their children ?

Perhaps those who are kind in nature will be kind in all respects. Even if they do not like animals, they would adopt a tolerant attitude. I believe there are signs of intolerant and cruelty early in life when we observe how child interact with animals. If they find ''joy'' in hurting animals, this may extend to how their treat their fellow human in adult life.

I have personally witness 'bad' example set by parents. There was this father who stamped his feet and shouted to frighten a cat out of its wits. He laughed and encouraged his son to do the same. Children are impressionable. Is this the way to teach them how to treat animals ? Often we hear parents telling their kids that animals are dirty, they spread diseases or can bite and scratch. This only instills fear and phobia in kids.

Why not use such opportunity to teach kids that animals can feel and suffer just like us. Pets are not toys which can be discarded. Abandonment is cruelty. About responsibility and caring for them through their life span.

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