Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Cove ....of dolphins and Japan

Some of us may remember Flipper, the TV series about dolphin. This successful series lead to the demand for captive dolphins use for performance in amusement centers around the world. The perpetual smile on the dolphin face is its undoing as it makes it so adorable that we love to see them perform their acrobatic acts. This resulted in many wild dolphins being captured to satisfy our demand.

What we may not know is that Flipper committed suicide in front of its trainer, Ric O’Barry. This incident leads him to spend the rest of his life trying to save dolphins in captivity.

The Cove is a movie not to be missed. It reveals the shocking massacring of 23,000 dolphins each year in the idyll fishing village of Taijii in Japan. The villagers treat dolphins as pests which deplete their fishing stocks, instead of acknowledging the fact that it is overfishing that is root cause of the problem.

The dolphin meat is then sold for consumption all over Japan. Often they are passed off as whale meat which can fetch a higher price. This documentary exposed another shocking fact – dolphin meat is high in mercury content, due to industrial pollution around the area. Thus, consumption of such meat pose a health hazard. This is just the tip of an iceberg. To find out more …see the movie which is currently showing at Vivo and Plaza Singapore.

We can do our part in stopping this brutality. Refrain from attending such performance when on overseas trips. Boycott whale meat (you may be eating mercury laden dolphin meat for all you know). Purchase only dolphin friendly tuna products. Join the petition to free the pink dolphins in Sentosa. Sentosa will keep replacing the dolphins if there is a demand for them, it will only mean more wild dolphins being capture.

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